My definite and major purpose in creating this post is to provide you with the right resources, and support to help you start and market your 4Life Research business using my Online Automated Sponsoring system for massive growth!

As you know that the future of business, especially in this industry, is the internet and that is where My 4Life Sponsoring System really stands out in the crowd and blow you away!

I am passionate about helping others obtain success in this industry…and I want to help YOU Make Money with 4Life starting TODAY!

I will personally show you how to put easy to use systems in place,
that even the least tech-savvy person can use to grow a duplicable Team 4Life empire.

just ask one thing of you, please read every last word of this letter, because you are going to find out how to gain financial security even in today’s uncertain global economic crisis. You will not find a better opportunity which offers so much for so little cost and protection of your business for the future.

Why And What Is In It for You Here Today?

My goal here today is to show you how you can start using this same money making system that I and other friends of mine in my team are using right now to BUILD 4Life all on complete autopilot…

I’m also going to show you how you too can start to create & Generate your very own leads and immediate Cashflow and most importantly get your hands on a money making FUNNEL system web site quickly and easily, fully loaded with multiple streams of income …

and how you can copy and show the same exact plug & play system to your prospects that allows them to “Duplicate Your Success”.

And then I’m going to reveal a ‘detailed’, step-by-step systematic solution how to promote not only your 4Life business but any business, Everything You Ever Need To Know About Generating Hordes Of Traffic With Powerful Web 2.0 Techniques that bring you a LOT of SALES (PROFIT-CASH) too.

But wait,

“I Will Even Show You How You Can Make Cashflow, Even If No One EVER Joins Your 4Life Business!”

I will take you from the position you are at right now to a level where you once thought was a dream.

So get excited and Keep reading because I guarantee that this will be the most important piece of information you will ever read about making money online… or in general for that matter.

let’s begin…

Who is Siamak Alizadeh Anyway, And Why Should You Be Listening To Him?
I Am Not Some Internet Guru, Or Some Tech Savvy Web Person. I am Just An Ordinary Guy That’s Using The Internet to Make Some Pretty Good Money!!

You see, a couple of months ago, I’d been planning to create something new… something to automate online profits for anyone, no matter what their experience level.

Over the years I tried many”business opportunities” looking for one that would really make money and ideally enough to support my family.

I spent a ton of money on many programs that just did not make a penny. I was baffled as to how to find the real money making businesses as I knew they had to be there.
Everything couldn’t be a scam!

After several years of chasing down my warm market and exhausting every lead I had generated,  I knew there had to be a better way of Sponsoring leads to my business.

and I knew the fact, Without an effective marketing system, the odds of succeeding in any business would be extremely low.

If you’re in the network marketing or internet marketing industry, the number of marketers who actually achieve the results they’re hoping for are few and far between.

Yes, the staggering statistic is that 97% will fail because they don’t have an effective turnkey automated marketing system to work for them or market themselves the “right” way.

So I created a 3 STEP SYSTEM in ‘absolute’ detail that once you apply it, you will never go back to the traditional ways of prospecting ever again. With this system, there are NO RULES, red tape and hardly any competition …

It’s an Automated Sponsoring Marketing System that’s changed my life, as well as the lives of my inner circle, allowing us to bring in passive income day after day.


Are You Experiencing Being Overwhelmed With Too Much Information?


How Can You Avoid Information Overload And Get Off To a Good Start?

If you’re viewing this page, I’m hoping that means you want to learn more about 4Life Business with a burning desire to make money online, but you are new to the scene and you feel like there’s just too much to learn before you can get started. Information overload is stalling you every step of the way and you are getting nowhere fast.

I believe you will get confused After when you review and reading all the information about internet marketing stuff and 4Life Research, your head is spinning and it is all getting a little too much for you.

You know you should take action but you have no idea where to start as you are so confused by it all. You are suffering from a case of information overload.

That’s why I am here to show you how you can get your 4Life money making website branded with your name Loaded With more than 10 Streams Of Income in addition to your 4Life income and ready to go In 15 Minutes Or Less complete on Autopilot…And the checks will start rolling in once you start making offers.

Just stick with me and read on!

Can You Realistically Succeed In 4Life Research?

And, Is This Opportunity For You?
Can say YES and NO, So let’s break it down what does it mean by that,

No, because it would be very difficult for a newbie to start a business without a proven duplicable system.

When you got started with your MLM company were you provided with a system that anyone could actually plug into?

If you were told to make a list of 100 names, this is not a system anyone can plug into, in fact, most will not, which is why we have such a high failure rate in this industry.
so it does not make any sense to get involved in the business if whether the cost for entry fee is $0 or $25 when there is no any ‘get plugged in’ system’ for the new starter.

I even never bother myself to take a look to opportunity if there is no any duplicable system with that.

There need to be some sort of marketing system to bring a continuous flow of qualified prospects into your business.

Without it, it would take a hardcore prospecting animal to generate the kind of numbers needed for success. It suddenly dawned upon me that all businesses need a marketing system, including 4Life Research and all network marketing businesses out there.

And Yes, if You have a system that is very easy to duplicate, a system that does most of the work for the new recruit, then it is worth to look at it.

You have to have an easy system to share your product, service, and opportunity… Simple Fact People are not duplicable. Only SYSTEMS are duplicable.

So if there is a simple step by step action %90 automation System, your organization will find it simple to learn, simple to follow, simple to carry out and simple to teach!

THAT, my friends, is the REAL key to your 4Life Research business and MLM duplication.

It occurred to me that if I could offer my experiences in the businesses that I tried, I could help others to not make the same mistakes that I did again, and possibly save you from wasting your hard earned money on things that just don’t work.

Introducing The 4Life  Funnel & Attraction Marketing System, That Is 20 Times More Effective Than Anything You Have Ever Seen Before…

I’m super excited about 4Life Research business, the products, and the opportunity – BUT – I’m even more excited about the cutting edge marketing systems we are putting into place – to make our Success Team one of the most successful groups of network marketers in the home business industry! I call it “4Life Sponsoring”,

Where I Can Show ANYONE How To Use The Internet To Build A Wildly SuccesInternetrowing 4Life Organization ONLINE … Even If They Are A TOTAL Internet Novice!

if you want to get maximum results in your network marketing business and 4Life Research business you have to have a simple marketing funnel that will bring people through the process at the highest conversions possible, creating new reps and business partners within your team.No matter what your primary business opportunity may be.

You can learn how to generate FREE leads starting today with a marketing which Is called Attraction Marketing system because this is what is hot and popular right now and what is being taught.

As you can see everyone talking about attraction marketing system all over the internet these days, and I am going to show you how you can get the most benefit from it after when you join my team and build a huge downline of 100,500 to 1000es and more EASY and FAST but with my 4Life Sponsoring System only.

Duplicate and multiply…..isn’t that what we are all seeking? Don’t be surprised when you start getting calls from your 4Life Research business upline asking “what are the hecks going on?”

Which 4Life Team Should I Join?

After I googled and review all 4Life business web site on the internet,(So much respect)then I realized that NONE of them has a real marketing system to do the right job of sponsoring others bringing leads into business, let alone to offer help to their downline for a duplicable sponsoring system.

Most 4Life  business organizations do not have a System To Do Marketing and Sponsoring!

Again, It may be some training on how to some article marketing, installing WordPress blog, SEO, hosting, or some FTP uploading files …but the most important part that I can not see is any marketing system.

Success or failure in any network marketing company depends largely on the team you join … what they can do for you … and what they can teach you! Network Marketing is a team endeavor. I understand that & I practice that.

It really matters what team you are joining. There are many 4Life business members and teams out there, so choose wisely.

Your success depends on your upline’s ability and SYSTEM to help and assist you.

My 4Life Prospecting website “4Life Sponsoring” will help assure you won’t waste another penny with another bogus program or ever be scammed again.

Choosing to work with the WRONG TEAM Could KILL Your Chances of Success in any businesses – Period!

Is this the “magic pill” System that will explode your downline overnight?

absolutely not. It takes time and dedication.
Time to learn and set up the system.
Time to market
Time to build relationships.
Dedication to making a real change for you and your family.

Look … I personally believe it is necessary to train a team … and give them all the tools necessary to achieve success in their home business.
Why do I believe this? Because I know that it works … because I’ve successfully done this in the past.

Earning money online doesn’t have to be a difficult process. In fact, it’s quite simple.

And all it takes is 3 easy steps.

Whether you’re a novice or someone with experience under their belt, this system WILL enable you to generate an income from the internet!

And, NO matter what you’re selling, or how you’re selling it, this system can be conformed to fit. Just follow the 3 simple steps outlined here and there is all it takes. But you must follow each of the steps to see any type of positive results.

Am I limited Earning Money Just From 4Life Research Business?

And How Can I Get The Most Profit From It?

I almost forgot to tell you that You can make money not just from 4Life Research but also from other affiliate programs that this system has placed in the back office for you to make a BIG FAT CASH from it.

Now, these are the products that most marketers will be and are using right now every single day so you can put and embedded your affiliate name or ID into the system and make a profit I mean CASH from it.

Your new site will be created instantly when you sign up!

Your site contains multiple ways to earn an income, along with the most profitable opportunities on the net.
In fact, your site can be up and be making money for you in seconds!

For FREE!!!!

You will be able to promote all these right from your personally customized web site!

The programs are such as ;

  • Hosting account,
  • Aweber or getresponse autoresponder,
  • Article marketing, and article submitter software,
  • Blog, ETC…

Aren’t you using some of them?
so you can put your affiliate I.D for each one of them into the system and make money if someone you refer and buy from it.
that is what we call multiple streams of INCOME, can you spell that M-U-L-T-I-P-L-E.(Wink).

And now remember you do not need to join any of them if you do not want to .there is no any force or must for you to join any program there ,it is just an option for you to make a maximum additional profit from it even if NO one join your 4Life Business.(founded proposal).

I will also allow you to promote your favorite site from inside member area page. This means you’ll be able to promote your opportunity, any businesses to all your members right from your inside member area.

This is an extremely powerful feature that can earn you some serious money. in fact, this feature is exclusive and available to our paid members only but you can get the advantage of this feature only at this time you are reading this page and can get it for FREE.

If you have ever wanted to become successful and make a big Money Profit from home, you have the opportunity to do just that and learn with us RISK-FREE.

all we need from you is to work with us on marketing, We will provide you with the tools you need, the advice you need, and the talent you need to build your business.

And this all happens … on autopilot!

We are the ONLY Team in 4Life business that provides you my EXCLUSIVE Automated 4Life Sponsoring Marketing System.

I can’t promise you’ll make tens of thousands of dollars by next week and frankly, nobody can.

But I can promise you’ll see your income rise as early as the next few months and at latest the next few weeks but as long as you follow and implement everything that we teach you.

But Wait Siamak, I am Not a TECH Savvy Web Person…And What I’ll Get When I Join With Your Team?

I want to see you build this the right way the first time. It pains me to see people skimp on things like their website development and other start-up necessities the first time around because inevitably before you know it you have to revamp it all anyway and then you’re so much farther ‘behind’ on your own success!

if you are a complete newbie with no experience at all and do not know anything about that techie stuff like building a website, do this or that then I have a good news for you and has come to a good place:

  • You don’t need an existing website… (if you do not want to),
  • You don’t need any technical experience…
  • You don’t need to make any cold calls…

I’m very excited we will be working together and I would like to let you know a little bit more about what I will be offering you as your sponsor.

In fact, I can give you the most complete system for helping you get started which includes, getting your lead capture pages, build your mail list, blogs and websites up & promote your website, running getting you traffic and earning multiple streams of residual income.
Our team will give you all the help and support that you need.

“I will give you the whole of my business system,
all web pages with your name and Picture on the site branding yourself.

I won’t just tell you how… Instead, I’ll will give you the exact same website I use so you can copy me.

just take a look at Team Benefit page to see and review what you get once you be a part of my team.

if you can click and play with your mouse then you can do and set up your own ready web site with your name and picture on it almost instantly and start to make MONEY – PROFIT within next 15 minutes, a drunken monkey can do this.

you can learn all those setting blogs, getting traffic, article marketing, SEO, ETC…ETC at the same while you are earning.

This is something I now use every single day and you can too.
If you’re ambitious and new to making money online… and if profits have eluded you, I urge you to join me and learn how to create these Stealth Profit Machines for yourself (and the less you know about marketing online the better!)

When you do, it’s like we have a secret society of ordinary people making extraordinary incomes.

Why am I doing this, What is the Catch?

I’m currently adding about 1 person a day to my team using this tool. But if I’m the only one using it, it won’t produce the doubling effect our TEAM needs to go from 100 pennies to more than $10 Million in Clarinex dosage 30 days!(do you remember the doubling pennies story in MLM).

As most of you know Network marketing isn’t about what I can do alone, it’s about what I can teach my downline and members to do. It’s about creating an automated Marketing system that will allow everyone on my team to duplicate my success.

It’s about me helping YOU personally sponsor one person or more per day. Imagine how powerful this will be … all of us working together, building our team, doubling our downline every day and achieving financial independence!

This package is valued at a very high price but you get it for FREE when you join my team but only if you act Now.

Isn’t it time to stand up and accept nothing but success and claim your Income, Lifestyle, and Freedom you deserve?

Please give me some answers:

  • Do YOU Want to Have a Successful Business with allot of Cash-Profit?
  • Do YOU Want Your Own Automated Prospecting System?
  • Do YOU Want to Learn How to Generate 20 to 50 Leads per day?
  • Do YOU Want to Know How to Get ALL Those Leads for FREE?
  • Do YOU Want These Hot Prospects Joining under YOU on auto-pilot?

YES, YOU CAN! But ONLY When You Join My Team AND Put These Amazing Tools To Work For YOU!
Are you in?
Work WITH me and together we WILL achieve our dreams.

Sometimes we think we must make major changes in our lives to get on the right track. However, major changes are often the result of a few small steps you can take to begin on the path toward changing your life for the better, and this is why the 4Life Sponsoring System right here is making this offer available to all!

it’s time to take action and learn how to market online,
generate FREE leads, and sign up more reps into your business .

Here’s what you should do next…
Join me and my small group of beta testers.

When You Join My 4Life Research, YOU & YOUR TEAM Receive Customized Recruiting Websites At NO CHARGE To You!

Lock In Your Position & Get Your Free Money Making System!
Don’t hang around (like me wasted my LIFE and MONEY month and years running around like a chicken with head cut off) wondering if you should get this or not.

Get it.

Get This COMPLETE System for FREE ONLY When You Join My Team!

You need it and you won’t be disappointed.

We Are The ONLY Team Offering This!

All you need to do is plug-and-play to start making commissions checks! You don’t need to know anything about building websites to get started. Everything is set up, ready for you to use… But this offer ends soon, so don’t wait!

I will accept only 39 spots at this time as we speak. The only way to guarantee a slice of the action is to JOIN NOW.

This Automated money making system is your complete step-by-step guide to your4Life success -if you have the desire and want to succeed, this system will provide all the rest of the info you need.

join the team NOW and Get Started F-A-S-T and become a Master of “4Life Sponsoring System”!

There is absolutely NO COST to pre-enroll…First Movers will

I would like to hear it from you saying:
Hi Siamak, if you can help me generate bundles of cash with my own 4Life Profit Machine… I’m in!

Your welcome! (Smile),

Don’t worry if you are still not sure how this system works or if you are still skeptical about it! Take the tour below and watch your very own personalized website with all training, tools and… see for yourself!

And don’t forget it’s TOTALLY FREE! to get started!

If you’re the type of person that takes MASSIVE action in life and have a few questions you need to ask before you get started or if you just want to find out a little more about this system or me, give me a call or email me right now at:

once again Join me or not, but let me show you how your page looks like after when you join my team.

I must warn you,I can charge at least $39.95 to

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$47.00 every month for this as most marketers do, so get it now while it is still FREE.

I do not know if you can still get it free when you wake up in the next elimite cream online morning and come back here to see that all free accounts have gone. (I’ll be stupid not to)

Remember, there is only 39 spots for this at this moment.
If you are able to view this page, there are still copies available.
this is not a marketing gimmick and I will prove it to you, take a look at this video below!

video here
Reserve your spot right now, click the join below!

and last,

be sure to fill out the form to the right or below and subscribe to get my FREE SUCCESS report and also to see how all these AUTOMATION FUNNEL MARKETING system is going to work for you like the top 1% of the successful network and online marketers use to win in the home business arena.

this isn’t another course all set to gather digital dust on your hard drive.

It’s about Your Very Own Automated 4Life Money Making Website system details With Multiple Streams Of Income that Can Begin Pulling In Profits And Start To Make $300-$500 +MORE Each And Every week, In Just Easy To Follow 3 Steps Starting Right Away, It’s Easier Than You Think…”

It’s a Simple 3 Step Process!

Don’t delay, your success is just one step away…

>>> Go To Step 1 Now <<<

got a question? email me and I’ ll be back to you with a concise answer.
email me any queries and I am delighted to assist you with any questions or

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queries you may have.

See you inside!