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Transfer Factors are nature’s immune wisdom, helping your body recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats.

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4life-research-content-logoMy 4life reviews, As an independent distributor of 4Life research and Targeted Transfer Factor, I would like to give you my personal unbiased opinion and also show you what makes this multilevel marketing a different company.

Traveling the world and communicating with people of different nationalities, cultures, and ages, we realized that all people on Earth want happiness. It is expressed in the presence of health, free time and a sufficient amount of money. Such a triangle of happiness. But, as a rule, the faces of this triangle are not equal. Someone has health, but no money. Someone has money, but there is no free time. Someone has money and free time, but there is no health.

We’ll tell you how the cooperation with 4Life Research solves all these problems.

So, let’s begin.

4Life Reviews – Transfer Factor Benefits At A Glance

4life-transfer-factor-imageThe first information you are going to read, I will provide all of the information about 4life research so that you get an idea of what kind of company they are.

This is really important. After that, I introduce the compensation plan and show you how you can benefit and rewards yourself with their marketing plan.

The first line is health. Hundreds of thousands of results around the world prove that the 4Life Transfer Factor product is the most effective way to strengthen your immune system. The innovation of Transfer Factor is that it teaches and tunes the body’s immune system. This is what makes it a universal key when solving any health problems.

If you want to know more about boosting the immune system with a higher amount, please check 4life transfer factor page.

The second facet is free time. Founders of 4Life Research company have not casually chosen network marketing as a method of promotion of a product on the market. 20-year successful work experience proves this.

The flexibility of network marketing is manifested in the ability to independently plan your schedule. Therefore this kind of business is accessible to many, beginning from housewives, finishing skilled businessmen. With the development of Internet technologies, network marketing has found on-line breathing, which made it absolutely unlimited. And besides, it is not very expensive, because it is enough to have a laptop with Internet access to conduct  business online. You can start and build your 4Life business from anywhere in the world, in almost any country.

4life research founderIn the early 1990s, 4Life Founder and Chief Executive David Lisonbee began a scientific search for funds to strengthen his health. The results of using many natural products did not bring the expected results. In the process of long research, he discovered a scientific work on transfer factors. David understood the important role of these learning molecules in maintaining health. They wanted with the help of amazing molecules of transfer factors to strengthen the health not only of their family but also of many thousands of people.

With over 20 years of experience in network marketing, they knew very well that this is the best way to bring your dream to millions of people.

And it happened.

Other facts about the company are that they have been in business for 20 years currently in over 50 countries and have over 300,000 distributors all over the world.
4life research has achieved $321 Million in annual sales and their World Headquarters is in Sandy, Utah – USA.

Overall the company to this day continues to grow which is always a good sign that 4Life is a quality company.

4life Reviews – Unbeatable Compensation Plan

And finally, the third facet is the financial flow. In the 21st century we had many opportunities: traveling around the world, studying and visiting the most beautiful places on the planet, self-development, a huge range of different services and products. Much of what we previously studied only from books, now you can see live, try it yourself. What is needed for this? Need money. The ideal solution is a high passive income. This is a mechanism that replenishes your pocket every hour, regardless of whether you are sunbathing at the time on the beach, sleeping, spending time with your family or conquering the summit in Tibet. Business in the company 4Life Research makes it possible to create such a mechanism.

Would you be pleased if you received a record payment for recommendations throughout your life? Then the 4Life Research rewards plan is for you!

Obviously, in the conditions of tough market competition, in order to attract the attention of distributors to the company it is not enough to have a revolutionary product line.
Perfectly understanding this, the 4Life® management initially set itself the task of creating a compensation plan that far exceeds all available in the MLM industry. And the founder of the company David Lisonbee takes a revolutionary decision:

The company will keep no more than 5% of its profits, and all that is possible – to pay to the network to
distributors in order to attract the best transfer factors! To create a marketing plan, the best independent experts in the field of network marketing are invited to create a truly excellent 4Life marketing plan.”

In 2003, 4Lifе® was named the fifteenth of the 500 fastest growing companies in the US.

In 2005, the company’s compensation plan was recognized as the best in the industry.

In 2010, 4Life® entered the 100 best direct selling companies in the world according to the version of the magazine Direct Selling News!

In 2015, 4Life® entered the top 50 MLM companies. 

The Life Rewards ™ plan offers everyone unlimited possibilities. 4Life makes one of the most generous payments in the industry. Study and use all the programs of the compensation plan, and you will be able to receive payments up to 64% of the LP points, wonderful trips, and gifts.

Before we elaborate on the 4Life Research® marketing plan, we will give you a few facts about it:

  • 4Life Research® spent $ 2.5 million on developing a marketing plan;
  •  The principle by which the marketing plan was developed is as follows: to promote a unique product, both the best professionals and budding partners are needed;
  • When creating it, the following task was solved: financial stability and future security of each partner of the company.
  • Remuneration to the company’s distributors, according to this plan, is up to 64% of the profit (compare: this figure on average for grid companies is 40%, for example Nature’s Sunshine -43.3%, Nu Skin – 39.2%).

Stability and balance are the main features of the 4Life Research marketing plan.
High percentages of remuneration for work are evenly distributed across all levels of the plan. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that 4Life Research® pays its partner BEFORE INFINITY, as well as bonuses for career growth and interest from the profit of the whole company. And for this all you need to “start the work” 3 teams, and not 6, 10 or 12, as in other companies. Taking into account that 4Life Research® partners are located in more than 70 countries of the world and have their own national currency everywhere, they decided that the company’s internal monetary unit is equal to 1 point (LP). That is why when calculating bonuses and rewards, companies use points (LP).

And now consider all types of company revenues:

Alizadeh Siamak

Member ID# 103839

4Life Japan Independent Marketing Representative

Together, Building People

My mission is to help others realize their potential & strengthen them with mentoring & friendship allowing everyone to live a sustainable life and plan for the future. In effect, I want to bring health & wellbeing together!

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    1. Quick Rapid Rewards Bonus

    In the event that you have recommended the product to the Partner and he/she has signed a contract, you receive 25% of the amount of all LP Points that your partner bought out on the first purchase.
    Example: You connected 3 people with 400 points, this equals 1200 points. 25% of this amount is $ 300. This is your bonus.

    2. Power Pool Prize

    This type of income you can get under two conditions:
    A) If within a month you attracted three or more new distributors who bought the product for 100 LP, 400 LP or more than 400 LP.
    B) In the second month, these same distributors made a rate of 100 points (ie purchased the product). In this case, the Company additionally pays you an amount: 2% of the company’s global profit to all who made this Power Pool this month.
    Example: In the first month you connected 3 people with 400 points. In the second month, these same distributors made activity on 100 points. For this type of income, you will get from $ 400 to $ 500.

    3. 25% return from the personal amount.

    If your personal number in the company is redeemed more than 100 points, the company pays 25% of this amount Points.
    Example: 3100 points were redeemed for your number within a month.
    Of these, 100 points is your activity rate, and with 3000 points, you get 25%, which is $ 750.

    4. Payments by levels

    4Life® pays you rewards for the turnover your partners make. Interest payments are indicated on the tables below. In its marketing plan 4Life® introduced the concept of “Leg”. “Foot” is the active partner in your partner network. By analogy with the legs, as part of the body, which help us move forward.

    Become a 4Life distributor!

    4Life Research’s marketing plan

    Example: For simplicity, we will calculate with ten distributors. Suppose, for a year of work in the company you have 10 like-minded partners, and each of them has found the same for 10 partners. In this case, your reward will be:

    1 line: 10 person x 100 LP x 2% = $ 20 
    2 line: 100 person x 100LP x 25% = $ 2,500 
    3 line: 1,000 person x 100 LP x 5% = $ 5,000 
    4 line: 10,000 person x 100 LP x 12% = $ 120,000

    Total remuneration for 4 lines = $ 127,520

    If you work on 50% of this scheme,
    your income will be $ 63,760 – in a Month
    If you work on 20% of this scheme,
    your income will be $ 25,504 – per Month
    If you work 10% off this scheme,
    your income will be $ 12,752 – in a Month

    We remind you that this is a stable income per month. Only 100 points of activity are taken into account. There are still additional interest payments.


    Qualifications at 4Life Research

    5. Payments for levels above 100 LP

    When your partners purchase 4Life Research® products over 100 LP per month, an additional bonus payment of 2% to 6% is provided, depending on the level at which the partner is located.

    6. Bonus for Qualifiers – Premier Pool

    2% LP of the Company’s profit for the current month, the company pays to Partners with Rank International, Gold, Platinum.

    7. Bonus Platinum Pool

    1% LP of the Company’s profit for the current month, the company pays to Partners with Rank Platinum.

    8. Great Escape

    1% LP of the Company’s profit for the current month is spent on Travel Partners twice a year. These trips are designed for Partners, beginning with the rank of Diamond, traveling to the most interesting places of our Planet and completely at the expense of 4Life®.

    9. Wholesale discount


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